Our Company

Radiant Concepts, INC is a privately held corporation. We incorporated in Texas, July of 1993 with the assistance of Mr. Michael W. Dunagan of Dallas Texas. We joined the National Independent Auto Dealers Association and the Texas Independent Auto Dealer Association in July 1993 and have been an associate member ever since.

Our goal is to provide a dealer management software that meets the needs of small to large independent auto dealers and provide outstanding customer support in English and Spanish.

Our programmers have a variety of experiences in programming and practical business applications. We bring to the table valuable business knowledge and apply it into auto software that is reliable and applicable.



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Meet the Staff


Candy Wright

Candy Wright started Radiant Concepts Inc. in 1993 at a time when dealers were still doing everything by hand. She saw the future and realized that her programming talents could be used to revolutionize the auto industry. She worked with the state of Texas, accountants, finance managers, and independent auto dealers to create a DMS that would accurately calculate sales contracts, collect payments, and track inventory. Her foresight created a company that to this day is one of most recognized DMS systems in Texas and other states.  

Candy Wright holds a computer science degree from Northlake college and is fluent in English and Spanish. 


Charles Wright

Charles Wright founded Radiant Concepts Inc with Candy in 1993. He saw the future of computers and with his knowledge of the auto industry worked with Candy to create the first DOS version or Cars*Plus. In the early years we would go from dealer to dealer not only selling software but also setting up the computers in their offices. 

Programming and Development

Jose Roman

Jose Roman joined Radiant Concepts Inc in 2003 as a programming specialist. Prior to joining RCI, he served as a Fire Controlman in the U.S. Navy and worked as an electro-mechanical technician at Bell and Howell. Jose brings over 10 years of programming experience to RCI and constantly works with our customers to improve our software and meet the ever changing needs of independent dealers. 

Jose is fluent in English and Spanish and attended the University of North Texas prior to joining the Navy. 

Sales and Marketing

Lou Roman

Lou Roman joined RCI in 2015 after working in the auto industry for several years. During his time he worked as a salesman, an internet director, floor manager, and as a finance manager. His experience in the auto industry helps him understand the daily operations at a dealership and dealers daily needs. 

Lou is fluent in English and Spanish and holds an International Management Degree from Wayland Baptist University.